Discover why our Internship is Unique:

Our goal for the COVE internship is to provide a new stream of internships for the ocean tech companies and expose our students and recent graduates to the possibilities within the Blue Economy. Our internship offer students:

  • Authentic Work Environments

  • Continuous  and Dedicated Mentors 

  • Connection and Networking with leaders in the Ocean Technology Sector 

  • Project Based Learning 

  • Peer to peer learning as you work in groups of 3-4 of various backgrounds

Click here to read our full PER of the pilot program. For the shorter, executive version, click here. 

Current Partners

COVE Internships would not be possible without the support from Labour and Advanced Education (LAE), Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA), Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC) and Students on Ice (SOI) that allow us to offer this incredible program. 

Employers looking to participate in our program, please contact us and our team will coordinate with you directly to create an

intern role that will work best for you and our students. 

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