What will this program look like?

Speaker Series: Hear from female engineers, innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs working in the ocean tech industry, and learn about the industry, the new technologies and ideas that are leading a sustainable blue economy, and learn about the many careers available to you. 


Please note:  In-person programming will be dependent on the regional COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines operating at the time of the scheduled event. The in-person speakers, workshops and networking events may be modified to a virtual webinar platform if physical gathering is not permitted or poses a danger to the health and safety of participants or volunteers.  For the purposes of planning, the entire 2021 program will be virtual. 

Design Thinking Workshops: Get your head and your hands busy as you tackle an authentic problem, challenge or opportunity related to the industry of focus.  Work with student and industry mentors as you design prototypes and propose new solutions to industry challenges.  Workshops will be active, hands-on design and build sessions, where you will have a chance to meet and work with female innovators and entrepreneurs from the industry, ask questions about the industry and get first-hand advice on how you can take the first steps towards a career in the sustainable blue economy.



What are the topics that we will explore?

Module 1:  Feeding a growing world sustainably

Your speakers will introduce you to the world of sustainable fishing and aquaculture.  You’ll explore the high-tech industries of off-shore and land-based aquaculture, and learn about future-focused approaches to sustainable marine farming like IMTA (integrated multi-trophic aquaculture), which work with natural ecosystems to farm in a balanced and responsible way. 


Module 2:  Vessels of the future

Your speakers will introduce you to the world of modern boat and shipbuilding, where you will explore innovations in materials engineering, propulsion systems (including electric boats) and hull design to develop vessels of the future. 

Module 3 :  Winds of Change

Your speakers will introduce the opportunities for marine renewable energy in our region, including solar, tidal, offshore wind and marine bio fuels.  You will explore 3D design and modeling as you tackle the challenge of harnessing the winds of change.

Module 4:  Peering into the Deep (observation and conservation)

Your speakers will introduce you to a range of sensors and probes that are used to observe the shallow and the deep.  You will consider what data is most relevant and how it can provide insight into emerging conservation issues, changes, and improvements.