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COVE will be responsible for recruiting, assessing and selecting interns from a range of interdisciplinary programs and post-secondary institutions.

  • Pre-deployment Training and Development: 

         Prior to entry into any of the participating                                 organizations, COVE will provide 35 hours of upfront           training in workplace skills, health and safety,                         industry orientation, design-thinking, and basic                     consulting and project management strategies.

  • Project-Based Work Integrated Learning (WIL):

         Interns will be deployed to companies who have                     submitted project proposals, in interdisciplinary                   teams of 3-4 to engage in workplace-based                             projects. This model will provide opportunities for                 peer-to-peer learning, exposure to a variety of                       ocean-based industries/careers, and access to a                   wide network of industry mentors and connections.

  • Continuous Mentorship:

          Interns will receive ongoing work-place mentoring                from an assigned senior mentor as well as weekly                  mentoring from a COVE manager. This will ensure                strong alignment between the participating                              companies, the host (COVE) and facilitate project                  and individual success.

  • Competitive Wages:

We don't believe you should sacrifice pay for a proper work experience. Our interns are paid at competitive wages within the ocean tech industry. 

Project: Develop and launch a digital reporting tool, with buinsess plan.

Required Skills: Big data management, APIs, machine learning; business plan development; project management


Project:  Develop a low-cost power efficient electronic/optical underwater proximity sensor; business plan with market analysis.

Required Skills: Electrical engineering; electronic tech; design and build; mechanical not necessary but an asset; business plan development; project management; marketing and communications


Project:  Interview a sub-sample of COVE tenants to develop company profiles that include research and technology needs and identify collision opportunities; include a competitive landscape analysis. Secondary project: Develop a design / procurement specification for a low-cost teaching ROV with basic maneuverability.  If time, develop a simple prototype and develop set of assembly and programming instructions.

Required Skills:  Business (strategy, business plan development, landscape analysis); technical skills in Engineering (Electrical; power electronics; Mechanical); programming and coding; Process documentation; teaching/facilitation skills an asset

As we confirm Industry Projects, we will post here. Check back regularly! 

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