COVE will be responsible for recruiting, assessing and selecting interns from a range of interdisciplinary programs and post-secondary institutions.

Pre-deployment Training and Development: Prior to entry into any of the participating organizations, COVE will provide 35 hours of upfront training in workplace skills, health and safety, industry orientation, design-thinking, and basic consulting and project management strategies.

Project-Based Work Integrated Learning (WIL): Interns will be deployed to companies who have submitted project proposals, in interdisciplinary teams of 3-4 to engage in workplace-based projects. This model will provide opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, exposure to a variety of ocean-based industries/careers, and access to a wide network of industry mentors and connections.

Continuous Mentorship: Interns will receive ongoing work-place mentoring from an assigned senior mentor as well as weekly mentoring from a COVE manager. This will ensure strong alignment between the participating              companies, the host (COVE) and facilitate project                  and individual success.

Competitive Wages: We don't believe you should sacrifice pay for a proper work experience. Our interns are paid at competitive wages within the ocean tech industry. 

As we confirm Industry Projects, we will continue to update the document. Check back regularly for new projects! 
COVE intern cohort in-front of COVE Buil